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I’ll Fly With You

A short film made with Romar de Bonte. 

Synopsis: Two artists with a strong fascination for emptiness and absence move into a picturesque tea-house in the middle of nature to realise their latest artwork. They try to book all seats on a commercial flight in an attempt to make the plane fly without any passengers. In a great grass meadow they make a big installation to gaze into the sky and wait for a spectacle.  

Directors statement: Emptiness and absence are often felt as quite uncomfortable. With this film we, Romar de Bonte and Matthieu Reijnoudt, try to turn discomfort into comfort. We bring a feel-good film without any action to show that it can be so good to just sit back, relax and do nothing.

We could not have made this film without listening to the song Fly Away/ Walking in the sunshine by Laid Back.

The film shows a version of ourselves that is very close to reality. Fiction helps us to overcome the barriers in real life that prevent us to be the one-hundred percent satisfied people we are in the film. Keeping the film close to reality, hanging in-between genres, we try to convince everyone that it’s possible to achieve comfort.

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